62nd ASAT conference November 8-9 2018



Session I:  2:00-3:30 Reading Between the Lines of the Identity Narrative 1

Diane Dowdey Sam Houston State University

“The Monsters They Bring and the Monsters They Find: Immigrant Journeys in Jasmine and The Refugees

John Gruesser Sam Houston State University Visiting Scholar

“Misreading Sutton E. Griggs”

Sharon Worley Sam Houston State University

“Hawthorne’s Prophetic Pictures and the Nineteenth-Century Women’s Movement”


Session II 3:30-4:50 Reading Between the Lines of the Historical Narrative

Frieda Koeninger Sam Houston State University

“Dogs/Horses; Saints/Demons; Gold/Monkeys: Indigenous & Spanish Narratives of the Conquest of the Aztecs

Adrian Popan   Texas Tech University

“Unsuccessful State Formation: Why Vigilante Groups, Claim Clubs, and the American Mafia Followed Different Trajectories”

Uzma Quraishi  Sam Houston State University

“Situating Abraham Lincoln in Karachi: USIA , Public Diplomacy, and the ‘Negro Problem’ During the Early Cold War”








Session I: 8:15-9:35 Reading Between the Lines of the Artistic Narrative 2

Todd Giles        Midwestern State University

“Between the Gendered Lines of Abstract Expressionism”

Cody Parish      Midwestern State University

“Uncanny Art: The Horror (and Healing) of Meaning-Making in No End House

Ryan Samuelson    Midwestern State University

“From the Golden Age to Postmodernism: The Changing Artistic Movements of Superhero Comics”

Cynthia Vagnetti Sam Houston State University

“Real News: Digital Literacies and the Multimodal Slant”

Session II: 9:40-11:00 Reading Between the Lines of the Literary Narrative 3    

Robert Donahoo           Sam Houston State University

“Using Anything: Flannery O’Connor and Banning Books”

John Schulze    Midwestern State University

“Fading Traditions in Faulkner’s ‘The Bear'”

Melissa Laussmann       Midwestern State University

“The Art of Seeing: Tracing the Paths of Mindfulness in Works by Muir, Dillard, and Snyder”

Kiana M. Rios   Sam Houston State University

“Police Authority Shining Through Social Media”

Session III: 11:05-12:25 Reading Between the Lines of the Literary Narrative IV

Alicia Ward      Midwestern State University

“Battle in the Boundaries: Deliverance as Eco-Horror”

Lloyd Daigrepont          Lamar State University

“Reading McMurtry Between the Lines: Allusions as Context in  Last Kind Words Saloon

Sean Ferrier-Watson    Collin College

“Americanizing The Iliad”

Raffaele Idone, Mia Moody-Ramirez,  Baylor University                                            “Natural Disasters, Image and Crisis Management: An Analysis of President Trump’s Handling of Hurricane Maria”

LUNCH and KEYNOTE 12:30-1:50

Session IV: 2:00-3:20 Reading Between the Lines of the Contemporary Narrative 5

Grant Wiedenfeld        Sam Houston State University

“The National Anthem on the Campaign Trail: From the 1920s VFW Americanization Campaign to Ted Cruz’s Exploitation of Colin Kaepernick”

Samantha Cooper        Independent Scholar from the UK

“Exploring Queer Subversion and the Rejection of Heteronarratives in Post-Stonewall American Literature”

Hector Weir     Independent Scholar

“Down these Mean Streets: Religion and Purgatory in Prison”

Dorothy Bland and Mia Moody-Ramirez           University of North Texas

“Black Twitter Representations of #Kavanaugh Hearings”


 Session V: 3:30-5:00 Reading Between the Lines of the Pop Culture Narrative

Adrian Popan   Texas Tech University

“Unsuccessful State Formation: Why Vigilante Groups, Claim Clubs, and the American Mafia Followed Different Trajectories”

Samaneh Balali University of N. C.-Charlotte

“Slaughterhouse Five: An Anti-war Fantasy”

Robert Johnson Midwestern State University

“Critical Detectives”

Andrew Young Sam Houston State University

“Narrowcast Stardom: YouTube and Rooster Teeth”















The founder of Critical Studies Blog, Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of journalism, public relations and new media at Baylor University. She specializes in new media portrayals of women and people of color. Her recent papers focus on the effects of the James Byrd Jr. dragging death on Jasper, Facebook hate groups, stereotypes of President Barack and Michelle Obama, male and female rappers’ differing views on the “independent woman,” and coverage of missing women.

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