The 2016 ASAT Conference Luncheon with Keynote Speaker Carmen Tafolla

15032169_10103030785488473_8250591140103913758_n“Your most creative work comes from who you are. It’s difficult in a society that tells you how to be.” –Texas 2015 Poet Laureate Dr. Carmen Tafolla

The  2016 American Studies Association of Texas (ASAT) annual meeting was held Nov. 10-12 at Sam Houston State University. During the event, ASAT Conference Keynote speaker Dr. Carmen Tafolla, 2015 Texas Poet Laureate, shared various voices of people she has encountered throughout her lifetime.

Drs. Cassy Burleson and Mia Moody-Ramirez at the 2016 ASAT Conference with Keynote Speaker Dr. Carmen Tafolla, the 2015 Texas Poet Laureate.
ASAT Keynote speaker Drs. Carmen Tafolla and Cassy Burleson, a senior lecturer at in the Department of Journalism, PR & New Media at Baylor University.

Tafolla’s presentation included various personality types found in every culture:

We have a society that values short names. –Maria Francisca Baca Gonzales Montoya de Lujan
TERE, aka Terry, symbolizes the innocence children lose as early as kindergarten when forced to assimilate and forgo their cultural heritage. –ASAT Keynote speaker Dr. Carmen Tafolla, 2015 Texas Poet Laureate.
Leona knows we are all related. “The depth of culture is in our folk sayings and our culture.”

Tia Sophia, “We don’t all fit into the boxes created by society.” -ASAT keynote speaker Dr. Carmen Tafolla, 2015 Texas Poet Laureate.

Aricelli is the problem child who has given up on life. We need to dig deeper and figure out why people do what they do.
Diversity is authenticity and who you are. –The conference presenter


The founder of Critical Studies Blog, Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of journalism, public relations and new media at Baylor University. She specializes in new media portrayals of women and people of color. Her recent papers focus on the effects of the James Byrd Jr. dragging death on Jasper, Facebook hate groups, stereotypes of President Barack and Michelle Obama, male and female rappers’ differing views on the “independent woman,” and coverage of missing women.

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